CHAPTER 8: Madrid Part 1

It was actually quite surprising how accustomed we’d become to being in a new city every few days. And somehow over the past week and a half we had established a routine amidst the fluctuation. Almost silently we could load and unload our belongings; the backpacks once unknown to us had now become familiar, bent, […]

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CHAPTER 7: Granada to Madrid

We woke early. The sun had lifted the lid on the night sky and the horizon was illuminated with the bright colors of morning. We quickly gathered the few things that we hadn’t packed the night before (toothbrushes, maps, and the clothes we’d slept in), and placed Dana’s keys as instructed on the wooden shelf […]

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CHAPTER 6: Granada Part 3

Our last full day in Granada. The plan was to roam the town, take in a church or two, and visit the San Nicolás viewpoint at sunset. The loose itinerary we created in the months leading up to our trip was much different than what actually transpired during our time so far, but that wasn’t […]

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After exploring the expansive Alhambra, perched on top of Granada like an ominous and robust cherry, Jeff and I returned to Earth and began preparations for the first train ride of our trip. Back in August we bought EuRail passes which would allow us to up to five train rides through Spain and France over the course […]

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CHAPTER 5: Granada Part 2

Jeff and I pre-purchased our Alhambra tickets for 9/18 months before we even left Seattle, and on our first night in Granada we made a point of making a special trip to the designated (and surprisingly-modern) bookstore in the heart of Old Town where we had been instructed to print them. We were set to […]

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CHAPTER 4: Granada Part 1

Jeff and I stood outside of Dana’s apartment; a three-story, slightly dilapidated structure where wide, stone-covered steps met a 10-square-meter open plaza that quickly narrowed and ascended deeper into the Albayazín. As we looked up at the building, my insides were humming with excitement. Literally hours after being dropped off by the Nerja bus, we […]

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CHAPTER 3: Nerja to Granada

I hesitate leaving out Jeff’s and my travel between cities. These pieces of our journey were beautiful breaks where we could sit back and take a deep breath from the sights, navigating, and bustle. They were also some of the most challenging, tiring, and frustrating moments we had, especially in Granada. The morning following our […]

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