Black Bottle

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2600 1st Avenue, Seattle WA 98121

One of my good friends began her bachelorette party at Black Bottle on Saturday; an elevated dining restaurant & gastrotavern in Belltown. We reserved their special room for events ahead of time, and as we waited for all of the girls to arrive, we ordered cocktails of our choosing from our own full bar and caught up with one another while the bachelorette’s favorite artists were on rotation in the background. In this separate room, we were able to be loud, occasionally crude, and play some bachelorette party games as we pleased. It was a fantastic place to start our night, have dinner, and get the good behaviour out of our systems before moving on to more rowdy spots in the area.

Reasonably priced for the neighborhood and being more-sophisticated cuisine, the menu was overflowing with delicious options. For those looking for the most for their buck, I recommend the Lamb Meatballs, Slow Cooked Pork Shank, or any of the Flatbreads. While these items may be the most food for the price, literally everyone was raving about what she had ordered. We were all completely satisfied with the food, drinks, and the great service we were shown by not only our bartender, but the waitstaff.

1) Date, pepper, and mushroom sauté on grilled greek cheese
2) Spice-seared sashimi yellowfin tuna with edamame and asparagus salad
3) Caramelized onion and sun-dried cherries cheesy flatbread

While our private room was bright, light, and minimalist, the rest of the restaurant was drenched in amber lighting and brick-laid walls. It had an intimate yet welcoming feel. The main dining area was completely full by the time we left for our next destination around 9pm. The room was nearly overflowing with late 20/early 30 year olds in groups starting out their night with great food at a great location.

I’d love to come back to try out their $2 happy hour tacos from 4-6 daily… as well as try the scallop plate that one of the girls ordered; it looked absolutely incredible.


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