Serious Pie & Biscuit

imagefennel sausage 1image_1image_2

South Lake Union
401 Westlake Ave North (at Harrison), Seattle, WA 98109

One of the many Tom Douglas restaurants in Seattle, Serious Pie & Biscuit is the place to go for breakfast in SLU. Although the downstairs is small, it’s the perfect place to meet some friends for a not-your-typical breakfast sandwich that satisfies and comforts you in a way you didn’t know you needed.

While the lofted area is Serious Pie, the close quartered downstairs is open for biscuit-ed breakfast at 7am every week day and 9am on the weekends. Don’t expect wait-service or to have someone bus your table after you’ve finished; with a max of three people working in the mornings, you have to pull your weight somehow (especially after the Fried Chicken & Gravy biscuit). This casual formula actually adds to the experience and makes you feel like you’re visiting your friend’s or your folks’ instead of receiving stuffy (or worse: overly chipper) dining service first thing in the morning. Serious Pie & Biscuit’s laid back practice suits the essential nature of Breakfast: informal yet comforting.

In true Douglas fashion, everything is baked fresh daily and made to order. The buttermilk biscuits are the perfect combination of light crunch outside and soft, airy inside.

For a simple biscuit, stick with the Peanut Butter & Honey; for those seeking more savory, go with the Fennel Sausage & Fontina. My two favorites are pictured above.

– Fried Catfish with Olive Tartar
– Fennel Sausage & Fontina


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