Radiator Whiskey

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Pike Place Market
94 Pike Street, Suite 30. Seattle, WA 98101

Although it can be touristy, I absolutely relish coming to Pike Place Market, and Radiator Whiskey is yet another reason to visit. Hidden smack dab in the middle of the Market, it seems like a secret gem that only locals know about, which I love.

Tucked within the Market Building across from the Flying Fish, Radiator Whiskey is a great place for an after work drink. Their Rad Punch has rotating flavors, depending on what the bar has on hand or what’s currently in season. On this particular day, they offered a grapefruit gin punch with a honey infusion. As a honey-lover, I was all over this drink. It was syrup-y in the best possible way, smooth and sweet, and perfect for a hot, sticky afternoon. The salt-rimmed Bourbon Margarita is also refreshing and easy to drink (so watch out).

We were served complimentary spiced popcorn, which was perfectly buttery and salty. Their menu options are creative and funky for a small, unassuming spot within the Market; for instance, the pig head and braised tongue, or better yet, the lamb neck sloppy joe. If you’re like us and stopped by simply for a drink and small snack, consider ordering the shot of whiskey and chocolate chip cookie for $8.

The attitude of this place is nonchalant and low key; they let their adventurous food and innovative drinks speak for themselves. While the bartenders know their whiskey, their knowledge is not snobby or rude. The staff are friendly and talkative, making sure you were taken care of without being overbearing or intrusive. Many times good service is forgotten or dismissed, but it’s truly one of the reasons why we have those favorite places that we frequent, and this could become another one of mine. Besides, I need to come back and try that sloppy joe.


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