Ten Things I Love About Fall

Fall is by far my favorite season; the subtle yet unmistakable transition from warm nights on tea-lit rooftops into the crisp clear mornings with windswept leaves on the stoop. The days are noticeably shorter, the twilight fades quicker, and the daytime temperature unable to reach as high as the day before. The summer season is fading, and its waning is beautiful.

And though the switch from summer into autumn is difficult for me every year, once we’ve truly landed in fall, I’m reminded of and excited by all the things I love about it. It’s almost as if I experience fall for the first time every September, and to me it feels like each year the season changes in a different way. September is a mercurial month; fluctuating and inconsistent. She holds both the heat of summer as well as the cool fade into fall; blue skies fold into deep dark clouds, chirping birds take to the skies as flocks of aerial travelers, and neglected dry earth hurriedly drinks up the torrents of rain.

She may seem moody, but September’s tempest makes me aware and appreciative of the beauty around us; because there is nothing more captivating than the abating colors of summer and how they cling desperately to the trees, nothing more exhilarating than approaching purple-black swirling clouds, gusts, and the resulting fall thunderstorm that washes Summer away.

01 leaves
02 color changes
03 farmers markets
04 warm drinks
05 fashions
06 seasonal produce07 festivities
08 clear days
09 music10 staying in


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