El Camión

6416 15th Ave NW. Seattle, WA 98107
photo 3

El Camión Albodega is the indoor restaurant version of the acclaimed taco truck in Ballard (which has found a permanent parking space just South of Market Street on 15th Ave NW).

Just slightly North of their four-wheeled counterpart, El Camión Albodega occupies the old Zesto’s space across from Ballard High School. While it was Zesto’s, this location was a Ballard landmark with the classic car on the roof. Since its closure several years ago, this corner has been a difficult place to rent. However, now it looks as if things have changed with the arrival of El Camión; its parking lot full and inside always brimming with people.

photo 1 photo 2photo 3 photo 4
1) Carnitas taco; Adobada taco
2) Torta sandwich
3) Our haul in one shot
4) Fish tacos
5) Gortitos and assorted salsas from the salsa bar
6) Background: pork tacos; Foreground: fish tacos
photo 1 photo 2

This place is kid and family friendly, with Pac Man and a foosball table to occupy younger visitors (or those who know how to appreciate the classics). Fun fact: the old school arcade games were also in the original Zesto’s. On top of the games, this place serves beer; a bar and patio area are located to the right after ordering. The main dining area has the (insert local sports team here) game playing. Other bonuses include: catering available, breakfast burritos served all day, and horchata.

On top of their good food, El Camión’s incorporation of the old Zesto’s and the neighborhood vibe of residential North Ballard is a winning combination. The best way to a Ballardian’s heart is through their stomach while they visit a place that honors and respects where they come from and where they live.

New Ballard tenants take note.


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