Rattlesnake Ridge

This is the perfect way to start out a Saturday.
rattlesnake 1

I have the best brother; he will wake up at 4:30am to go on a hike with me to see the sun rise on top of a mountain that is over forty miles away. 
rattlesnake 2
Rattlesnake is one of my go-to hikes, but that’s because I only go ridiculously early in the morning to avoid as many people as possible. For me, nothing puts a damper on hikes like crowds and loud lookouts. I hike to escape; to spend time away from the sounds of the city, to recenter, and to push myself while out in nature.

It’s also a plus when (today’s) finish line looks like this.rattlesnake 3rattlesnake 4

Some of the things I like most about Rattlesnake include its well maintained trail, the option of several lookouts, the tree cover, the Goldilocks distance from Seattle, and of course the breathtaking panoramic view. Its a somewhat easy hike, with only a few switchbacks and steep inclines. We made it to the first lookout in under 45 minutes, but most would be able to get there in about an hour when they aren’t trying to catch a sunrise, though I would highly recommend.
rattlesnake 5


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