The Fat Hen

1418 NW 70th St.

It’s been too long since my last post, and even longer since one on a restaurant; I am definitely overdue.
photo 4
This quaint and unpretentious eatery is tucked away in the block-long residential strip of North Ballard slightly north of the high school. With neighbors like Honoré and Delancey, the Fat Hen needs to offer something different and compelling, and I believe they do just that.

One half of the Fat Hen duo was raised in Ballard, which already makes me completely biased of this spot. With as much as this area is evolving, it’s heartening when locals stick around and continue to keep their neighborhood an enriched place.

The restaurant itself is cozy, simple, and bright with natural light even on the greyest of days. Fat Hen is charming without frills or hype. I found it modest, sincere, and wonderfully uninterested in the more chic restaurants that have popped up in Ballard over the past several years. The family-style seating and close quarters make it intimate yet familiar at the same time.
thefathen menuA college acquaintance of mine lives on a farm in Central Washington with her husband and two (soon-to-be three) sweet children; I imagine their morning meals look something like the options on the Fat Hen’s brunch menu: simple yet hearty egg options and freshly baked breads and pastries all made from scratch. The menu here is intentionally uncomplicated, using wholesome ingredients and compelling cooking methods. The results are delightful and delicious.
thefathen alla boscaiola
Above: one of their egg bakes, the Alla Boscaiola. Two eggs in a deeply rich tomato sauce with mozzarella, mushrooms, and sausage. Served in a hot skillet and a side of french bread.

More than anything, I appreciate being able to visit a place nearby that is authentic and not concerned with frills or the latest trend; someplace where I can meet up and have Best-Friend-Brunch and share a Sunday with other locals who also treasure this wonderful neighborhood and enjoy un-complicatedly delicious food.

Happy Eating.


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