If you were to have asked me even a year ago my opinion on brunch, my response would have been a half-hearted or dismissive “I like it okay”, but since then I have come to understand why everyone else seemed to have an unwavering love for it. First, I must share that all of my life I never cared too much for eggs (unless of course, they were baked into something like cake); only within the past twelve-or-so months have I wizened up and embraced The Egg. So previously when I was invited to brunch, I would sigh and agree to go, even though I would have to pick and choose from the Sides section of the menu because nearly every single plate was focused on or at least accompanied by eggs. This unspoken Brunch Law always annoyed me because it makes no sense to pay $3 for two pieces of toast (which costs nearly as much as a full loaf) or for a small cup of fruit (which I could easily cut up myself and would yield much more than what’s in their measly bowl).

However, now I fully embrace brunch and much prefer them to happy hours. The entire atmosphere of brunch entices me: the slightly sleepy and casual feel of the fellow visitors; the more genuine, unfeigned, and easy conversations; the way the hot drinks make you feel cozy and safe; and of course the heaping plates of food.

As much as I love going out for brunch, having a morning in is equally amazing and satisfying.
Here are some ideas:

20140222-164301.jpg20140222-164538.jpg1. Hollandaisesauce || 2. Roasted chestnut, vanilla bean, & dried fig scones
3. Pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup compound butter || 4. Apple-Cranberry galettes

20140222-164551.jpg20140222-164606.jpg5. Salted caramel eggnog pancakes || 6. Pumpkin spice caramel cronut
7. Acorn squash & pecan waffles || 8. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls with orange cream cheese frosting

20140222-164638.jpg20140222-164700.jpg20140222-164717.jpg9. Overnight cinnamon buns || 10. Scotch eggs
11. Baked french toast with blueberries || 12. Baked baguette french toast with blueberries
13. Breakfast stuffed baguette || 14. Cinnamon roll pull-apart

20140222-164736.jpg20140222-164829.jpg15. Blueberry, basil, & goat cheese hand pies || 16. Egg & bacon pie tarts
17. Spanish hash || 18. Monkey bread



Happy Eating


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