Gratitude 2014: 2.0

When I made the decision in late December to post a picture each day in 2014 on my Instagram of things which make me happy, grateful, and fortunate, little did I know that this year would be so personally challenging.

Before it all began, I thought it would simply be a reminder of all of the wonderful people, sweet moments, and seemingly unimportant pieces of my life that when compiled in one place, would expose how much greatness surrounds me. The images have become, however, much more powerful.

On days that may be particularly challenging, I’ve come to realize that by actively seeking out these special bits of time, I regain not only clarity, but also power over my doubts and insecurities. I’m purposefully navigating through what’s in my life and what I want in my life, what I’m good at, and what I want to follow.

These images help narrow that focus. I’ve discovered that it’s the quiet moments – the reflections – when everything feels clearer. They are a reminder of the importance of Simple Things and how I want more of them in my life.

There’s no shame in enjoying the quiet life.”
– Daniel Radcliffe


One thought on “Gratitude 2014: 2.0

  1. Thank you for sharing your project with the world – I always look forward to your thoughtful & beautiful Instagram posts!

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