Gratitude 3.0

Much has happened over the past several weeks. I feel more focused and have sunk my teeth into my passions. My thoughts flow with things to be done and my evening hours are filled with purpose. I’m eager and excited for what’s to come of it all.

Earlier this week I had my first taste: my submission to Global Yodel was published. I can’t properly describe the jolt of happiness I felt upon learning they had chosen my profile of Ocean Shores to be featured on their site. It’s probably similar to how musicians feel when their first song is played on the radio. The flutter of validation, pride in their hard-earned efforts, humility in their exposed state and their hope for acceptance from the faceless public…

Over the last month or so, I have more deeply invested my time and energy to writing. This in addition to photography, fitness, and continuing to delve into what sparks me. Honestly, it has felt so freeing to finally realize what motivates me and to see where the path will lead. There are so many things I want for myself and my life, but that’s not to insinuate that my life isn’t already full of blessings.



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