Granada Sound {trip intro}

Making this video made me devastatingly happy, and deeply home-away-from-home sick.

The only things I want to do right now are think about my trip, write about my trip, look at and edit photos from my trip, and listen to Active Child (which is the only thing I listened to during my trip). I’m a little narrow-focused at the moment…

This can happen to me when I return from some place that has touched me. But because I was gone for more time, found myself in more locations, and allowed myself to be truly and utterly engulfed, it’s bound to take more time for it all to scab over. I find myself fighting the urge to retreat and burrow like an injured animal; finding solace in my own company and licking what feels like an open wound. I need some time to readjust to this life I felt like I’d successfully left behind, and fill the hole I feel with reminders of what was.


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