CHAPTER 1: Seattle to Nerja

I’d been anticipating September 14th since May when I booked the tickets. I had clicked “Confirm” on what would have been just another Thursday afternoon while sitting at my desk at work. Anxiety roiled in my stomach as the mouse hovered over the yellow-colored button on the computer screen. I had looked over my selected flight […]

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Preface: The Buzzkill

The past three weeks feel like they were a dream. And when I say that, I don’t mean it feels like a dream because it was amazing and vitalizing, renewing and enlightening – though it was all of those things for me. When I say dream it’s because it feels as though I’ve woken up and […]

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Granada Sound {trip intro}

Making this video made me devastatingly happy, and deeply home-away-from-home sick. The only things I want to do right now are think about my trip, write about my trip, look at and edit photos from my trip, and listen to Active Child (which is the only thing I listened to during my trip). I’m a […]

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It’s been quite some time since my last post, but for good reason. There have been many positive changes that have taken place during the past few months, and most have been building up since earlier this year and are finally falling into place. It’s been both exciting and fulfilling. First is my editorial internship with the […]

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Gratitude 3.0

Much has happened over the past several weeks. I feel more focused and have sunk my teeth into my passions. My thoughts flow with things to be done and my evening hours are filled with purpose. I’m eager and excited for what’s to come of it all. Earlier this week I had my first taste: […]

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Sips for Summer

Not only is today my blogversary (hurray!), it’s also the first day of Seattle Summer (and it sprinkled, of course). In honor of this special day, I am giving you all a multitude of ideas on how to toast the occasion. How sweet of me! And since summer has (un)officially begun in the PNW, it’s […]

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