Damn the Weather

116 1st Ave S Pioneer Square I love Pioneer Square. The history, the buildings, the crammed storefronts, the brick, the faded paint… I could go on. Unfortunately I feel like my fascination with this part of Seattle is somewhat uncommon. When I suggest grabbing a meal here, most people give me a look and mention […]

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The View of Red Mountain

One of the countless things I love about the PNW is that there are little known and rarely travelled treasures tucked away in one of the many mountainous folds of the Cascades or Olympics. There is always a new hike you’ve never heard of, an off-the-road lookout you’ve unknowingly driven past, or a serene lake […]

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Ocean Shores

As much as I love Seattle, sometimes the perfect prescription to recharge is a quick trip away from the noise, crowds, and traffic of the city to a place that is just outside of convenience. I declared the first weekend in June a three-day weekend and drove the two and a half hours to the Ocean. Nothing seems to […]

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I spent a good part of my weekend reading some of the thousands of #yesallwomen tweets and articles online and I walked away with a few major realizations. The first was that I was surprised I didn’t see more things posted by female friends and family on my social media; it almost felt like everyone […]

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Something About Spring

Spring is the culmination of multiple wonderful things: longer days, increasing sunshine, warmer temperatures, blossoming flowers and trees, and new seasonal produce. After the hearty flavors of winter, the emergence of ingredients like peas, asparagus, radishes, and rhubarb bring a welcome brightness to our plates. In early May, while most Washingtonians may not see more sunshine, we are […]

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Gratitude 2014: 2.0

When I made the decision in late December to post a picture each day in 2014 on my Instagram of things which make me happy, grateful, and fortunate, little did I know that this year would be so personally challenging. Before it all began, I thought it would simply be a reminder of all of […]

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Paleo Sliders

The saying goes: “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” My new moniker, however, would be: “when you buy too little meat, make paleo sliders.” Last week, after not buying enough ground beef to make the recipe I had originally intended, I had to get creative. The result were these Paleo Sliders. They are bite-sized morsels […]

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